And the winner of Together Australia’s giveaway is…

By Bernadette Chua |

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Congratulations to Claire Aikman, the winner of Together Australia’s competition.

Ms Aikman, who lives and works in Canberra said she couldn’t believe she had won Together Australia’s prize.

“It was one of those pinch me moments. At first, I thought it was a scam, but I checked the credentials of Together Australia on LinkedIn,” she said.

“The money has already gone into a savings account, which I plan to use towards a deposit for a house.”

The 29-year-old who moved to Canberra from Brisbane before the pandemic, said she had been out of work for three months, before starting a new role in IT at Amazon Web Services.

“It was extremely daunting as I had moved for a role. And after I moved, the company rescinded their offer. But I’ve been lucky to start a new job.

“I plan to get a financial adviser to help with my future goals, but this money will be a massive boost towards helping me buy a property. I’ve always had a plan and a budget, but I think in the coming years, it will be important to have sound advice.”

She plans to buy a piece of land in Brisbane and hopefully, build a house.

“It’s too expensive to buy in Canberra and I’ve been priced out. I’m fortunate that my partner owns property here, but for me, it’s not an option to buy,” she said.

“So hopefully, I’ll be able to buy an investment property in Brisbane. Thank you so much Together Australia for this boost for my future.”

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