Hi Hannah

Thank you for your enquiry, it’s a great question and one that I have been asked on a number of occasions. Like you, I am a great believe in real estate and have invested over the years in a home and with investment properties so therefore I think property investment is a great long-term plan.

I cannot provide you with advice as I am unaware of your personal situation, this will require a completed fact find to be undertaken before I can outline the most appropriate financial plan and strategy for your situation.

It is always important to start with a surplus, so having a great handle on your income and expenses is essential. There are two main types of people in this world; those people who spend first and save with what’s left, a spender and those people who save first and spend what’s left, a saver! My question to you is to think about which type are you?

If, you have been fortunate to amass a deposit for real estate then a great way to step onto the property market would be via a buyer’s agent – especially if this is for an investment property.

If, however your thoughts are more aspirational rather than having the money available for a deposit, then I believe a saving plan that fits in with your disposable income is the way to go first. It’s always important to have a realistic goal in mind and then work your way towards this, visualise what it will feel like when you have those keys in your hand.

I recently compared a similar scenario for another client of mine who was interested in either starting an investment in shares or purchasing an investment property – we ran the numbers and provided some personal advice on this and due to their age and other factors it was recommended that they invest in the share portfolio instead, the numbers just didn’t add up on the property!!

You are 30 years of age and have time on your side, I would be happy to discuss the options available to you!