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With AMP you will be a member of one of Australia's largest super providers. Whether you are heading to retirement, getting started or effected by the coronavirus pandemic there are many options available to you.

Alcoa of Australia Retirement Plan provides products, services & financial security to Alcoa World Alumina - Australia employees and their families.

AMG Super's goal is to provide the best service to its members and advisers as well as access to the best super products available.

AMIST Super is an industry fund originally established to serve members in the meat industry, with membership now open to the general Public and are here to answer all of your COVID-19 questions.

ANZ Staff Super is a superannuation scheme designed for employees of ANZ both current and former.

As the situation around COVID-19 continues join 90,000 members around Australia including Catholic education, healthcare, aged care and welfare plan for their future with Australian Catholic Super.

It’s never been more important to make your money matter. Join Australian Ethical, Australia’s original ethical investment manager, and shape the world you live in by investing a future that aligns people, planet and prosperity.

As Australia’s largest superannuation fund, and with a history of strong long-term performance, AustralianSuper is committed to helping members achieve their best possible retirement outcome. AustralianSuper can help you with small, simple steps that could make a big difference to your financial future and set you up for the retirement that’s right for you.

AV Super strive to provide superannuation benefits to employees and former employees of our wonderful Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Change to a fund that looks after you. Bendigo Bank would rather you put your feet up and they do all of the work.

BOC Super is a not for profit super fund that provides superannuation solutions for BOC employees past and present, including their spouses.

BT Super for life provides help with all your super needs big or small.

Being ranked one of the top super funds for Building and construction BussQ Premium Choice has all of the answers you are looking for.

With all of the uncertainty going on in the world Care Super is responding actively to continue to meet the needs of our customers, business partners, advisers and people.

Catholic Super can help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve. with a five- star rating with canstar two years in a row they are here ready to help.

As one of Australia’s largest super funds, Cbus provide superannuation and income stream accounts to more than 759,000 members and we manage over $56 billion of our members’ money. Our members include workers and retirees, their families and employers.

With less certainty in the world’s financial markets, Challenger is responding actively to continue to meet the needs of our customers, business partners, advisers and people.

With having 85% members being Woman, Child Care Super really do understand the challengers all Australian women face when it comes to growing and protecting their super.

Being an ethical superannuation fund, which means they avoid investing in things that harm people and the planet while still providing everything you need during this coronavirus pandemic.

Clearview give their members choices, so that your investment can be tailored to meet the needs and outcomes you want to achieve for your retirement

Club Plus believe we are in it together, by combining the very latest products and technology with a ‘good-old-fashioned’ approach to customer service, with personalised education and financial advice to support you through this different stage of your life.

Colonial First State strong performance delivered through excellent service to help you to maximise your investment outcomes. Most importantly they are passionate about what we do and constantly seek to outperform.

Commonwealth Bank Super offers an extensive range of retirement and superannation options for its members.

Having Islamic-compliant Australian ethical super options is just the start in helping with all Superannuation. Crescent Wealth is passionate about bringing positive change during this time.

Cruelty Free Super ensure that members investments are cruelty free by screening out companies that profit from the use or exploitation of animals. They also avoid investing in other harmful things like weapons, fossil fuels, tobacco

CSC or Australian Government Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation looks after Australian Government employees and members of the Australian Defence Force

Whether you are starting out or planning your retirement EISS Super is an award winning Super committed to their members and community.

Energy Super's goal during the COVID-19 would be harnessing the benefits of investment returns over the long term. They believe this is how your super fund should be considered and measured well past your retirement age.

As your super fund, Equip's goal is to help you achieve an 'Income for life', and the peace of mind that comes with it. Equip Super has a number of benefits, Easy online sign up, Strong Investment Returns, Innovative Retirement Solutions & Privileges for Members

ESSSuper is one of Australia's largest super funds servicing Victorian emergency services and Victorian state employees

Fairvine Super has been designed for women. They are providing real, accessible solutions to try and reduce the super gap.

FES Super provides super solutions for Western Australian employees of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and some associated employers.

Fiducian Super allows you and your financial adviser to manage all of your superannuation needs in one place. It is a flexible structure which allows you to change your investments to suit your needs and risk appetite along the way.

With over 800,000 members First State Super continue to provide the upmost advice to teach, nurse, care, respond and help others in the community. They continually rank in the top ten best value funds open to everyone

At First Super they are particularly interested in supporting communities, organisations and events that support and help our employers, members, their family and friends while going through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the uncertainty that surrounds it, Future Super also help to solve big problems like climate change, healthcare and homelessness.

GESB Super the largest super provider based in Western Australia. They are run by and for the WA public sector.

GROW Super will help you manage your account easily and efficiently with full visibility of where you are now, where you’re heading, and how to get there surrounding COVID-19

Guild Super works for Women!! With 85% of members being women, Guild Super recognises that many of its members are casual and/or part-time workers. They are recognised as industry leaders when it comes to working women. Guild Super's products have been designed for those that work in the pharmacy sector, veterinary and allied health industries.

HESTA has consistently outperformed the average retail super fund over the past fifteen years. Committed to helping people working in health and community services.

Number one dedicated supporter of the hospitality, tourism, recreation and sports industries. Always putting members first!

HUB24 is an award winning platform specialising in investment and superannuation. It offers advisers and licensees a broad range of products and can be catered to suit the individual business' needs.

Despite the many changes to the plan over the years the focus remains the same, helping its members achieve the absolute best retirement outcomes.

ING Super pride themselves on developing the way Australians bank by delivering good value, straight forward and simple service. Easy set up and online viewing of your Super balance and investments make it a great choice for those that want to stay on top of their superannuation.

Providing superannuation solutions to approximately 100,000 members, Intrust Super caters for the hospitality, clubs, tourism and retail sectors, they understand the environment you work in and have designed their products and services to suit these sectors.

Finding it hard to choose a super? Why not join the other 500,000 Australians who have chosen IOOF Personal for 170 years.

Everyday life is currently different for all of us during COVID-19 and the situation continues to change. With over 30 years experience with retirement wealth and the legal community, Legal Super remain dedicated to providing the best options for you and your future.

Over the different stages in life including COVID-19, LESF Super pride themselves on quality customer service whether you are a member or employer.

LGIAsuper offers a range of benefits to help you get the most from your super and plan for a stronger financial future. LGIAsuper offer support and guidance along with a range of options to ensure you get the most out of your retirement.

With the current hardship you need to consider fees, insurance and of course, fund performance. Local Government Super return all fund profits to members, which keeps their fees and charges very competitive.

As one of Australia’s first industry super funds for more than 40 years, LUCRF Super have supported members and their communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic they continue to build a stronger super system and secure financial future for every member.

Lutheran Super was established by the Lutheran Church of Australia. It is a not for profit fund designed to meet superannuation investment needs of its employees.

Macquarie Wrap houses all of your investments in one place. It gives you access hundreds of investment options and access to them 24/7 online.

Medical and Associated Profession Super continually provide the best outcome for their all of their customers.

Maritime Super's mission is to provide to its members quality and cost-effective services. It is one of Australia's longest running Super Funds.

Max Super's aim is to show Australian's that super can provide competitive returns and not cost a lot of money in fees.

The Meat Industry Employees’ Superannuation Fund provides its services to members of the meat industry both past and present.

Media Super is there for you in your working life and beyond. If you’re getting ready to retire or are already there. If you are working in Australia’s print, media, creative or digital sectors or wanting to know any COVID-19 advice then Media Super is waiting for you.

The Mercer Super Trust offers a wide variety of personal superannuation services as well as financial advice services. From Ready-Made investment options to Select-Your-Own Investment as well as Insurance packages with built in benefits and features.

Mercy Super looks after the retirement savings of current and former employees of the Mater Health Services and other Sisters of Mercy organisations.

Not sure what the future holds and are part of the mining community? Then "Mine Super" is the super for you. They have been committed to the retirement outcomes of their members for over 75 years.

At every stage of your life including the COVID-19 you will have different needs and priorities. MLC Super make sure that you only receive the most up to date information and special offers that are relevant to you.

While many of their members work in the motor trades and small business, anyone can join. MTAA Super ready and waiting for any COVID-19 questions.

MyLife MySuper is an award winning industry super fund. They have a number of options for its members to make the transition to retirement as easy as possible.

Nationwide Super is the Small Business Super Business. They are here for the millions of people who work in and run small businesses right around Australia. They are also backed by the scale, value for money, security and expertise of Russell Investments. Together, they’ve monitored the COVID-19 situation closely and continue to offer a range of resources to keep members updated on the latest developments, and a suite of tool to help manage their super savings through this period.

Ness Super is an industry super fund and is the only super fund to service the Electrocommunications sector specifically.

netwealth allows its members to take control of their investment and superannuation options. It is one of the fastest growing wealth management businesses in Australia.

Anyone can join NGS Super. With around 120,000 members and 11,000 employers entrusting us with over $12 billion in their retirement savings, They are run only to benefit our members.

Oasis Superannuation Master Trust is a Wrap superannuation service. It offers a wide variety of product solutions with the added efficiency of the Wrap service.

OnePath is a leading provider of insurance, superannuation and investment solutions, Their platform offers a comprehensive range of investment options including all of your COVID-19 questions.

Perpetual offers a range of options that are not only flexible but convenient making it easier to enjoy the lifestyle you want in your retirement.

Prime Super can take the complexity out of super and investments so that you can get on with what matters to you and your family during COVID-19. They have straightforward superannuation solutions that can empower you to grow, manage and protect your wealth and retirement income.

Qantas Super is not for profit super fund run by Qantas for its current and previous employees.

QSuper is one of the oldest and largest super funds. Across the 15 largest super funds, QSuper ranks the highest for member satisfaction with financial performance according to Roy Morgan.

During the unknown times relating to COVID-19 Raiz Invest Super have already made investing simple & accessible, they aim to do the same for your super.

The Retirement Benefits Fund is the public sector super fund in Tasmania. It offers a wide variety of services for current and past employees of the Tasmanian public sector

Founded in 1975 REI Super isn't just an industry fund for those in real estate they are a super fund for everyone. With the uncertainty in the world regarding the coronavirus REI Super have all of your questions ready to answer.

The number one Retail Employees Superannuation and open to all Australians. With 2 million members and over $57 billion in funds REST Super has everything you need whether it be retiring, getting started or anything COVID-19 related.

Retire Select Super offers its members the choice to self manage, have Retire Select manage or a combination of the the two.

Russell Investments Master Trust aims to give members the best chance of a great life after-work. This is achieved by being there every step of the way, providing personalised support and guidance. They help members to take action and feel good about their super, throughout their working life and into retirement. Their investment approach brings the world’s leading managers and strategies together—in an efficient and diversified portfolio. Whether members are trying to grow investments or generate sustainable income during retirement— the aim is to help achieve their financial goals.

Mondays make the choice easy to help build a brighter future.

Smartsave offers a range of investment options which are designed to suit your needs and risk profile. It is simple, straightforward and will carry you through the different stages of your life.

Spaceship Super was released in January 2017 and now manages more than $250 million in AUM, with their mission to enable you to invest in your future, so you can live the life you want to live.

With less certainty in the world’s financial markets, StateWide Super members can receive personal advice at no additional cost either face to face or over the phone. Having this type of advice can make all the difference to your fund or retirement.

Suncorp are a trusted financial services partner. Their combination of products and services can help Australians make good choices and take positive action during COVID-19, letting you enjoy life and meet your financial goals.

Change to a fund that places its members’ interests above all else and join the wave of 1.4 million members who trust Sunsuper with their superannuation savings.

Super SA provides superannuation services for the South Australian public sector.

Superestate super help with the growth of all shares, infrastructure, fixed income, cash and Coronavirus needs. They are also the only super fund focusing on residential property investment around Australia.

TAL Super believe in transparency for its members. It provides choices regarding its super and insurance to suit.

Tasplan Super is a multi-industry super fund offering a wide range of benefits beyond superannuation.

Telstra Super offers a wide range of superannuation services to Telstra Group employees both past and present including their families.

For people on the move TWUSUPER Industry super supporting you in these challenging times. Financial relief for clients facing hardship as a result of COVID-19.

UniSuper provides services and retirement product options to employees of Australia's higher education and research sector.

For 7 years (2012/2019) VicSuper has been awarded the SuperRatings Platinum rating. So whether it’s to help keep your fees as low as possible during COVID-19 or to develop a greater Super fund for the near future VicSuper is waiting to help.

Virgin Money are passionate about helping Australians realise bigger possibilities through the delivery of simple and rewarding financial products. Especially among all of the hardship and heartbreak with COVID-19.

Finding a Super doesn't have to be scary or hard. Vision Personal will help you grow your super and manage your account easily and efficiently.

VISSF was founded by a group of Victorian female teachers demanding a more secure future. It is an education industry super fund that has an extensive list of services and benefits

Everyone’s circumstances are different, during the COVID-19 pandemic why not opt for a Super that has investment options that are ready-made and aligned to help you during this time of hardship.

Financial relief for clients facing hardship as a result of COVID-19, Zurich Super offers flexible solutions to help plan for your future.

The majority of super funds provide members access to general advice and limited personal advice services. If the personal advice is in relation to your super fund, this is generally described as “intra-fund” advice and provided for free as part of your membership. Should you wish to access more comprehensive personal advice, the super fund will charge you for these services.

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